Maegan Stewart


Birthday: February 19 


Place of Birth: Nashville, TN


When were you saved: November 23, 2000


Favorite Candy: Anything Chocolate


Favorite Restaurant: Chophouse


Favorite Fast Food: Chick-Fil-A


Favorite Color: Pink and Purple


Favorite Song: God's Been Good


Favorite Song to Sing: Heartbeat


Favorite Food: Spaghetti


Favorite Beverage: Coke


Favorite Type of Food: Italian


Life Verse: 1 John 2:28


Hobbies: Playing the Guitar, Teaching Voice, Shopping, Collecting Coca-Cola paraphernalia, Target shooting, Baking


Favorite Place to Visit: Grandma's


Something people may not know about you: I can't believe I did this, but I actually held a snake!


Most Embarrassing Moment: My new cell phone had an alarm set that I didn't know about. It went off very loudly as I was sitting in the choir loft during the invitation. Since I coundn't turn it off, I rushed out, and my shoe slipped off, so I walked out without it!


From my heart: I sang my first solo in church when I was two and a half years old.  That marked the beginning of my love for singing.  I remember, as a little girl, seeing families come to our church and sing.  They were so kind and caring, and I could tell they really enjoyed serving the Lord together.  Way back then, God put a desire in my heart to do same thing, but I had no idea how He would bring that to pass.  I truly love singing for the Lord with my family, and I pray God will use us to make a difference for His cause and His glory that will impact eternity!



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